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StandardizationDear consumers of our products, as well as the future users,

In order to meet the demands when it comes to quality and safety of our products, we entered the process of implementation of standard FSSC ISO 22000 demands. Our effort and hard work was awarded with the certificate on December 26th 2012.

About our further work, and way of working in the future, you can read in our commitment statement in Policy of health safety and quality.

Policy of health safety and quality

The base for success of our organisation, PG Radivoj Ćulum in Futog,  are safety and quality of our products.

We want to stand out on the market because of the high-quality sour program, recognizable for its high safety and quality, created with so much attention and so much experience in production.

We base our business success and future development on implementation of FSSC ISO 22000 standard requirements, HACCP system and on maintaining and constantly improving both.

We conduct our Policy of safety of products thanks to high awareness of our employees, applying the latest technology and conduction of procedures that provide safety and quality of our products.

Our intention is to invest in technical and technological development and improvement, to be practical, productive and profitable and to always keep on further developing of these traits.

We made fulfilling needs and demands of our consumers and customers our biggest commitment. We listen to their wishes so we can keep up with all trends on the market, and to keep their trust.

On the very beginning of production chain we achieve safety by carefully choosing raw-materials and our suppliers-collaborators (Union of producers of Futog cabbage) as well as by establishing good partnerships with them.
Based on mutual respect, we earn trust of our suppliers, customers and consumers.

AH Ćulum family