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Culum Family

Culum FamilyThe company was founded  in 1979. when the Ćulum family had a few tons of sauerkraut to start with. Today they produce about 1000 tons per year.

The main aspects of their production are fresh cabbage and other vegetables, sauerkraut head and grated sauerkraut (cut into strips). Beside sauerkraut, family Ćulum also makes marinated vegetables, like homemade turšija which consists of 5-7 kinds of  vegetables, colorful (mixed) salad, sweet pepper with grated sauerkraut, cleaved sweet pepper, sweet pepper with garlic, pickles and beetroot.

By growing vegetables for so many years, family Ćulum has gained great experience in entire production, especially in production of fresh cabbage that is proven to have the quality of the traditional, indigenous species of Futog white cabbage. Cabbage and other vegetables all grow on unpolluted and proper land that is in the area of cadastral municipality Futog. These vegetables are grown with the constant and thorough control and with the use of the most modern agrotechnical methods.

Reason for producing only traditional indigenous species of Futog white cabbage is that this species has noticeable advantages when it comes to qualitative characteristics in comparison with hybrid species of cabbage. Our cabbage has distinctive biological and technological as well as unique sensory,processing and quality characteristics which make it highly appreciated and desired type of vegetables in the domestic and foreign market.

By growing this species and with hard work, Ćulum family became a leader in forming the Union of producers and processors of Futog cabbage „Futoški kupus“, and especially in protection of geographic origin of Futog cabbage. This way, the  Futog cabbage became one of the most famous and most recognized brands in Serbia.

In making of products, mostly those based on sauerkraut which is what this company is most known for, family Ćulum only does the traditional procedure of natural biological fermentation of fresh cabbage.

By constantly being on the market, by keeping in touch with consumers at the markets in Novi Sad where they have 10 stalls, and by keeping the product quality high, the Ćulum family became the leading supplier of the biggest retail chains in Serbia. Achieved quality level with specified labels of protected geographic origin, and controlled name origin (Futog sauerkraut-Futoški kiseli kupus) on every packaging, well-selected flexible and attractive wrapping material make interest of consumers grow every day. Cabbage produced by Ćulum family is sold in states like Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, USA and others.