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Marinated Vegetables

Marinating is a procedure of conservation of vegetables with combination of pickling and lactic acid fermentation. Sugar in marinade serves as a growth medium for lactic-acid microflora, vinegar makes acidity higher and spices are there for aroma.  In short, not every marinating is the same-it differs from region to region, from taste of the individual and from vegetable to vegetable. Marinating is also done in meat processing to soften the tissues and to ennoble the taste. Just like cabbage, other vegetables also grow on unpolluted and proper land that is in the area of cadastral municipality Futog.

These vegetables are grown with the constant and thorough control and with the use of the most modern agrotechnical methods. Beside the sauerkraut, Ćulum family also sells significant amount of pickled vegetables both in a bulk and in separate packaging. Pickling is being done in domestic production conditions. This kind of vegetables is available for sale in wholesale and retail, and as winter stores it can be bought in our household at producer prices.

Homemade Tursija in Jars

Homemade Tursija in Jarsread more

Pickled Sweet Pepper Fillets

Pickled Sweet Pepper Filletsread more

Pickled Sweet Pepper with Grated Sauerkraut

Pickled Sweet Pepper with Grated Sauerkrautread more

Homemade Tursija Vacuum

Homemade Tursija Vacuumread more

Pickled Sweet Pepper with Grated Sauerkraut - Vacuum

Pickled Sweet Pepper with Grated Sauerkraut - Vacuumread more

Pickles in Jars

Pickles in Jarsread more

Colorful Salad in Jars

Colorful Salad in Jarsread more

Koreata Carrot Salad

Koreata Carrot Saladread more

Homemade Tursija in Buckets

Homemade Tursija in Bucketsread more

Beetroot - Vacuum

Beetroot - Vacuumread more

Pepperoni - Vacuum

Pepperoni - Vacuumread more

Red Pepper with Garlic - Jars

Red Pepper with Garlic - Jarsread more

Beetroot - Jars

Beetroot - Jarsread more

Pepperoni - Jars

Pepperoni - Jarsread more