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Futog Sauerkraut Presented in Croatia

Futog Sauerkraut Presented in CroatiaGenuine Futog cabbage has been presented this year at the fair in Porec, Croatia, as well.  We will continue to enlarge ou presence regionally because we believe that the regional approach to the market has no alternative when it comes to food business.

Our cabbage is exported to many countries, and people all over the world use it, but by far biggest demand is here around us.  This approach can be recognized on many products originating from ex-Yu market, so we strongly believe that it is the characteristic of the best only, to be loved in your direct neighborhood.

Therefore, we are present in Poreč now, and we are planing to visit several more fairs in the region.  Our wholesale largely depend upon our recognition in the region, then what is a better way to promote ourselves?!