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Exhibiting at the Tourism Fair in Belgrade 2016

Exhibiting at the Tourism Fair in Belgrade 2016Ćulum family has taken part in the Tourism Fair this year in Belgrade.  It is our strong belief that food can have a great impact on the tourism industry in Serbia, especially taking into account the number of various events which happen, and that is a fact, only because of the existence of local food specialties.  Here we primarily refer to barbecue fests, sausage fests, beans fest, cabbage fest, etc - all of them scattered throughout Serbia.

It is understandable that popular events cannot be organized without popular brands, meaning that the quality of products must be side by side with marketing efforts, because dissapointment cannot be afforded at this level of national economy.

Our genuine Futog grown cabbage definitely has the quality and recognizable origin, natural growing methods, and traditional way of processing, as well as all year round availability on the market.  Practically, we assume that it is our duty to be present at this fair, and you dear friends, are all welcome to visit our stand.