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The Right Use of Apetizers and Digestives in a Diet

The Right Use of Apetizers and Digestives in a DietDrinks served before the meal are called appetizers.  They are supposed to stimulate appetite.  Small amount of bitterness stimulate appetite well, so drinks like campari are great as appetizers.  Drinks that are more bitter, such as pelinkovac or similar herbal liquors cause your stomach to produce good acids as well, but the bitterness can stay in your mouth longer than wanted.  Finally, strong alcoholic beverages act as anesthetics in your mouth, causing the first bites of food to be tasteless, so they are not a good choice either.  Basically, good appetizers are vermouth, fortified wines, campari, champagne, and similar drinks.
Digestives are served after meal, and their role is to improve digestion.  The choice is relatively easy because most of the colored strong alcoholic drinks are good digestives, such as cognac, old fruit liquors (old shljivovica), strong wines, rum, etc.